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    News in recent weeks-

NSW Government Active Kids Rebate Scheme

NSW Government has announced $100 voucher to be used for registration and participation costs for sport and fitness activities. Please click on the link  for further details: Budget Fact Sheet Active Kids Voucher


NSW Government Co-Funding for Lifesavings Defribillators

The Treasurer and Minister for Sport have announced that community Sports clubs in the Epping electorate, as well as other sporting clubs across NSW, will be among those eligible to apply for a fifty per cent co-funding contribution for a lifesaving defibrillator.

Damien is pleased to let you know that this is part of the 2017-2018 Budget and $4 million would be allocated over four years to assist sporting clubs across NSW purchase and maintain Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).

The Government will be rolling out more than 2,500 AED’s over the next four years, under the Local Sports Defibrillation Program, which will also see community members trained in how to use them.

The Minister for Sport, Stuart Ayres said some form of cardiac arrest is experienced by up to 33,000 people in Australia every year.  Having AED’s at sporting venues will save lives.

Applications from clubs will be invited from October this year through the Office of Sport website:


Saturday Morning and Afternoon Junior Competition Results Term 2-2017

Term 2 Competition was completed 17th June and congratulations to all players who particpated in this event. A list of the Finals played with Winner, Runner Up and Scores is below:

8.00am Matches          
Hotshots Blue   MXAP 2 rubbers 4 sets def KYKY 1 rubber 3 sets
Division 1 Blue   PXRJ 3 sets 22 games def CPDP 1 set 11 games
Division 2 Blue   CMBM 3 sets 21 games def JCCR 1 set 17 games
Division 3 AR   HFCD 2 sets 20 games def MDJW 1 set 14 games
Division 3 / 4   SMXW First on points     CNCN Second on points  
Division 5 Blue   AWZN 4 sets 24 games def MWMW 0 sets 12 games
10.00am Matches          
Hotshots Yellow   SAPV 2 rubbers 4 sets def JDLD 0 rubbers 1 set
Premier   SLJE 2 sets 14 games def RPDZ 2 sets 14 games 
            [8 - 6 in t/b doubles]
Division 1 Yellow   HVAL 2 sets 20 games def MTAL 1 sets 15 games
Division 2 Yellow   MLJL 3 sets 21 games def DGRM 1 set 9 games
Division 3 / 4 Yellow   BJMG 2 sets 18 games def RJTL 2 sets 16 games
Division 5 Yellow   AXMY 2 sets 20 games def AJMS 1 set 16 games
3.00pm Matches
Premier   OGML 3 sets 18 games def CBDH 0 sets 10 games
Division 1A   JTMG 2 sets 19 games def HNTS 1 set 21 games  
            [By Rule 10]
Division 1B   NRHG 2 sets 21 games def ERCT 2 sets 15 games
Division 2A   TZRZ 2 sets 16 games def CEMS 2 sets 14 games
Division 2B   RSSW 3 sets 22 games def CBKB 1 set 13 games


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